Feng Shui

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Consultation:

For over 10 years Lydia Nitya Griffith has offered consultations all over the United States working with hundreds of clients. Lydia offers superior experience that encompasses a very friendly, hands on experience. Lydia Nitya became a certified Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Practitioner in 2002 and recently received her Masters in Chinese BaZi Astrology. Her teacher Dr. Paul Yan said upon completion of her studies, ” Among all the DC students you are one of the smartest, and the most persistent one I’ve ever got! Other than this area, there are only 3 other astrologers in this country who can compete with you.”

Your Personalized Feng Shui Package Includes:

  • Minimum 1 hour walk through of your home or office
  • Room by Room analysis  with suggestions on color, textile and design.
  • Annual energy references to activate the best energy of the current year while avoiding the worst.
  • As needed, moving furniture, rehanging artwork and other on site adjustments
  • Available to answer questions and offer guidance at any time.
  • Price is determined by size of the home and includes up to 2 Chinese Astrology Charts

This is a valuable investment. Restore harmony, prosperity, health, relationships and your ability to thrive in your life! No other Feng Shui consultant in the Richmond area offers this level of expertise, information and personal attention.

Lydia is also skilled at assisting with New Home Construction, Relocation and Finding an Ideal Home,  Date Selection for Weddings and New Business, and House Blessings. 

Chinese Astrology readings require birth date and time. Using an ancient formula along with Lydia’s keen intuition, your chart is nothing short of a road map into who you are, why you are here and where you are destined to go. Detailed information on how to create balance in your life, understand relationships with family, children and lovers, as well as look more deeply at your career, relationship with money and the overall picture of you. Email Lydia with your birth information and within 10 days she will meet with you to go over your chart. The readings are personal, intimate and a fascinating look into your self.