Nitya Living™ began in 2005 when the founder, Lydia Nitya Griffith, completed the Integral Yoga 200hr Teacher Training. It was her vision to create a kid’s yoga program that engages the whole child; body, breath, and mind in yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and engaging the imagination through storytelling and song.

Nitya now has teachers all over the USA teaching her original classes, creating a culture of peace one child at a time.

Nitya Living™ incorporates all kinds of holistic approaches for living yoga, for living healthy purposeful lives beyond kid’s yoga. Some of the programs we offer are: after school enrichment classes, PTA funded mindfulness yoga programs in the classroom, women’s retreats, private classes for adults and children with special needs like anxiety, Asperger’s or behavioral issues, kid’s yoga camp in spring and summer, teen self-inquiry workshops, teacher trainings, and also Feng Shui consultations and Chinese Astrology Readings.

Current teachers here in Richmond VA are Lydia Nitya Griffith, Scout Ries, Da-Shanda Burton, Jennie Choi, Becky Tara Eschenroeder of Great Abiding Yoga, Candace Benn of Fit by Benns, Michelle Lee Landon, Samantha Burns, and Sarah Bunger Horne of Hanover Yoga.